About Haplo

A mature platform for information applications

Haplo is a toolkit developed over the last six years by Haplo Services to build information applications for their clients. It’s a generally applicable platform, used in industries as diverse as healthcare, property, finance, publishing, and higher education.

We’re open sourcing the core platform so that it can become even more widely used, and to show that our interests are completely aligned with those of our clients.

In the coming months, we plan to release more of our toolkit, building on top of the core platform. This includes pluggable permission systems and extensive workflow support.

Platform highlights

Technical details

Data model

Key platform services

The platform API encourages a programming style where:

Plugin development

The Haplo server can be run in a special mode which adds plugin development tools. The Plugin Tool runs on your computer, observing changes to the plugin source on your local computer. When it notices a change, it automatically uploads the file and updates the server, for immediate testing without a server restart.

When you want to release the plugin, you use the plugin tool to ‘pack’ the plugin. This generates a production version with minified client side resources, and adds a manifest and version for use by the management systems.

For the open version, plugins are deployed by moving the packed plugin to the configured plugins directory. Plugins can be updated within a running server without a restart, allowing zero downtime for plugin updates.