Source code

Download Haplo from the GitHub repository:

API documentation

The Haplo plugin API documentation describes how to write a Haplo plugin.

Running a production server

You should use our simple installation script to run a production server if you want to deploy Haplo, or develop a plugin.

Alternatively, you can run Haplo using Docker.

Building Haplo to modify the platform

For the initial open source release, we’ve created a temporary build system which allows you to run the Haplo platform in development mode.

Linux (Ubuntu Server LTS)

We recommend you try Haplo in a VM running 64 bit Ubuntu Server with at least 4GB of memory: Build and run Haplo on Ubuntu Server

Mac OS X

We’ve also ported Haplo to Mac OS X. It’s not an ideal platform, so the instructions can be a bit fiddly: Build and run Haplo on Mac OS X

Writing a Haplo plugin

Here’s how to write a Haplo plugin using a development server built with the instructions above.