Why open source?

Open source software has enabled us to build our business, and we’d like to give others a similar opportunity.

After six years of development, the Haplo platform is mature, stable and proven. We think it’s the right time to enable others to build solutions using this flexible platform.

We’d like to encourage even wider use of the platform, and recognise that platforms need to be open source to be trusted and adopted.

We think that open source is a positive influence in the world and we’re proud to make our contribution to the collection of open source solutions available to the community.

Why Haplo?

From the Greek “haplóos”, meaning “single” or “simple”.

Haplo has a single namespace for all the items it manages, dynamically creating subsets as required, using an information architecture which is very simple yet powerful, enabling it to express complex information in an easy to understand manner.

How does Haplo compare to other application development tools??

Haplo is best used for developing information applications where you can use the main Haplo user interface for the majority of the UI. Here’s how Haplo compares to other tools.